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Dr. Morris Liaw is an Associate Professor of Computer Science and Computer Information Systems at University of Houston-Clear Lake. Dr. Liaw's research interests are in the areas of Web Database Systems, Distributed Information Systems, Object-Oriented Systems, Knowledge Base Systems.


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    The Online Grade Book - "A Case Study in Learning about Object-Oriented Technology
    (ACET Journal of Computer Education and Research, 2004) Liaw, Morris
    An object-oriented database is faster than a relational database, and it can store complex data more efficiently. However, object-oriented database technology is not as well-known as relational database technology. This paper examines how students at the University of Houston - Clear Lake (UHCL) learn to develop an object-oriented database by completing a semester-long project.
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    Design of Distributed Computer Security
    (Journal of Computing Sciences in Colleges, 2004) Liaw, Morris
    Across the US and the rest of the world, there exists a lack of computer security components in many CS/IT curricula. For those programs that do have such components in computer security, a common difficulty is to integrate "real-world" labs into the courses, in order to provide hands-on experiences to the learners. Due to concerns for security breaches and network hacking, system administrators are reluctant to allow computer security labs involving network sniffing, virus scripting, etc. to be deployed in the campus network. Without hands-on,real-world projects, it is difficult for the learners to integrate the acquired security theories and knowledge with up-to-date security technologies and practices. Computer science educators who are interested in teaching computer security in a "realistic" context are thus faced with a unique challenge: Setting up 'real-world' computer security laboratories and assignments, without negatively impacting the rest of the campus network. The primary goal of our project is to develop a Distributed Computer Security Lab (DCSL) to answer the challenge. We have established, across multiple university campuses, a computer lab that enables the faculty and students to analyze and study vulnerabilities of a realistic corporate network. The lab provides hands-on experiences for students to study cutting-edge computer security technologies and serves as a testbed for projects which are otherwise impossible to implement in general-purpose labs. In this paper, we first discuss the general model of the DCSL and our implementation, then present a selected set of projects that we have conducted to aid the design of the DCSL The paper concludes with a summary and future work.
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    Exploring PHP and MySQL Using an Online Travel Agency as a Case Study
    (ACET's 40th Annual Conference, 2004) Liaw, Morris
    In today's open-source software (OSS) environment, PHP (Personal Home Page) scripting language [1] and MySQL database [2] offer an alternative, effective and cost-saving solution to build data-driven, dynamic, and personalized web applications. Meanwhile, on-line electronic learning becomes ubiquitous and unique for contemporary education. In this article, we will discuss the process of developing and deploying student forums using the PHP and MySQL technologies. We have found that by including on-line forums to support classroom instruction, student participation increases dramatically.
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    A Web Database Development Course and a Unique Problem-Solving Project
    (ACET Journal of Computer Education and Research, 2005) Liaw, Morris
    Today, the content of most Web sites contain dynamically generated pages that present information stored in a database, and computer science students are eager to learn how to develop these database-driven Web sites. This paper presents how students at the University of Houston- Clear Lake (UHCL) learn about Web database development in a course that emphasizes project-building activities, and it looks at the implementation details of a successful student project, the Online Address Book. Four unique problems and the solutions that were implemented in this project are explained: 1) editing multiple students' data; 2) checking the data with a regular expression; 3) stale session variables; 4) potential security violations.
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    Using an Object-Oriented Database to Support a Web Application Built with Java Technologies
    (2006) Liaw, Morris
    This paper describes how an object-oriented database can be used to support a web site built with Java technology. It describes the object-oriented database technologies that were used to implement a web application called the Online Grade Book.
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    Developing Three Tier Web Applications with an Object-Oriented Database and Java Technology
    (2007) Liaw, Morris
    This paper details the use of the ObjectStore 6.2 object-oriented database and Java API, Apache Tomcat Servlet/JSP container, J2EE, and the NetBeans 5.0 Java IDE (Integrated Development Environment) to develop a three-tier Web application. The major contribution of this paper is to show how a three-tier web application can be easily developed and take advantage of an object-oriented database instead of using ADO.Net or JDBC libraries to access traditional relational databases, such as Microsoft Access MS SQL Server, Oracle. The NetBeans 5.0 IDE is used to run the ObjectStore postprocessor and a simple class is developed to illustrate that ObjectStore can be used as the backend of three-tier Web Applications.
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    Financial Enterprise Websites: A Comparison of Components and Technologies
    (Journal of Business and Behavioral Sciences, 2009) Liaw, Morris
    This paper details the components and technologies used by current financial enterprise websites. E-business is highly competitive. As such, financial enterprises that have successful websites exhibit growth where it counts - the bottom line. One way to compete is to know the competition and what makes the competition successful.
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    Developing a Three Tier Web Application Using ASP.NET and Open Source Object-Oriented Database DB4Objects
    (ACET Journal of Computer Education and Research, 2012) Liaw, Morris
    This paper details the use of object-oriented database db4objects (db4o), ASP.NET 3.5, MVC architecture, and the Visual Studio IDE (Integrated Development Environment) to develop a three-tier web application. The major contribution of this paper is to show how a three-tier web application can be easily developed and deployed by taking advantage of an object-oriented database instead of using ADO.NET or Datasets that access traditional relational databases. A sample web application called teh "Fee Management Tool" is developed to illustrate how a db4o database can be used as a back-end database and how the Visual Studio 2008 IDE can be used to run the db4o plug-in. The benefits and some concerns about db4o are also discussed at the end of the paper.
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    A Comparison Study of Web Based Application Development Using PHP and ASP.NET
    (25th International Conference on Computer Applications in Industry and Engineering by The International Society for Computers and Their Application, 2012) Liaw, Morris
    This paper takes a detailed look at PHP, an open-source server-side scripting language, and compares it to its heavily marketed counterpart ASP.NET. It explores various concepts which are pertinent to choosing programming platforms and outlines the advantages of each language over the other. A sample application called "Personal Media Center" is developed in PHP to illustrate these concepts and advantages, and a summary of the factors which affect the usability of both platforms is discussed at the conclusion of this paper.