Developing Three Tier Web Applications with an Object-Oriented Database and Java Technology




Liaw, Morris

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This paper details the use of the ObjectStore 6.2 object-oriented database and Java API, Apache Tomcat Servlet/JSP container, J2EE, and the NetBeans 5.0 Java IDE (Integrated Development Environment) to develop a three-tier Web application. The major contribution of this paper is to show how a three-tier web application can be easily developed and take advantage of an object-oriented database instead of using ADO.Net or JDBC libraries to access traditional relational databases, such as Microsoft Access MS SQL Server, Oracle. The NetBeans 5.0 IDE is used to run the ObjectStore postprocessor and a simple class is developed to illustrate that ObjectStore can be used as the backend of three-tier Web Applications.



Multitier architecture Web application ObjectStore Apache Tomcat Microsoft Access NetBeans IDE Microsoft SQL Server Integrated development environment JavaServer Pages ADO.NET Relational database JDBC Library (computing) Java servlet Application programming interface Java Platform, Enterprise Edition