A Snapshot; Job Attitudes Within the HR Profession



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The purpose of this project was to analyze job attitudes, specifically in the Human Resources (HR) department, using two samples. Sample 1 is comprised of HR employees in an organization located in Houston, Texas. This organization wanted to establish a baseline regarding how HR employees felt about working there. Sample 2 included a broader sample of HR professionals from various organizations, recruited through LinkedIn, who were asked to complete a survey that focused on the areas of interest. Participants in both samples reported their levels of turnover intention, job satisfaction, departmental commitment, distributive justice, perceived coworker support, and perceived supervisor support. Ultimately, results found significant relationships between all variables and turnover intention. Job satisfaction was strongly, negatively predictive of turnover intention, and departmental affective commitment was moderately, negatively predictive of turnover intention. This paper will discuss these areas of focus in depth from a theoretical viewpoint before outlining the results of the surveys from both groups.



Human Resources, Job Attitudes, Turnover Intention, Job Satisfaction