An undergraduate Web-based database project




Yue, Kwok-Bun

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J. Computing in Small Colleges


Web technologies have become essential in the computing curricula. However, teaching a Web development course to computing students is challenging because of large bodies of knowledge, rapidly changing technologies, demanding support infrastructures and diverse background of audiences. This paper presents the evolution and the experiences we have gained in teaching a Web development course for the past seven years. We incorporate selected leading edge Web technologies as soon as they become mature and stable. The course covers a broad spectrum of Internet technologies to provide a solid conceptual framework. It also includes an in-depth study of a selected technology to provide the necessary depth and knowledge to build realistic Web applications. This paper describes the course design, our choice of topics, programming assignments, course delivery and our experience in coping with the rapidly changing Web technologies.




Yue, K., An undergraduate Web-based database project. J. Computing in Small Colleges. 12, 4, 137-144, April 1998.