Oa1s and Oa2s Radiative corrections for w-boson production at the tevatron and atlas experiment



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In this thesis, we propose an approach for calculating W-Boson Transverse Momentum Dependent (TMD) distributions using the LHAPDF library with nCTEQ15, MSTW2008 and CT10 Parton Distribution Functions (PDF). We utilize ManeParse as a PDF reader in the Mathematica framework for importing and computing relevant cross-sections, luminosity functions, and error analysis, and additionally allow cross-check with a number of sum rules. A proper description of TMD distributions requires resummation of large logarithms responsible for the divergence of the perturbation series in the strong coupling as. Our proposed calculation is for next-to-leading-order (Oa1s) and next-to-next-to-leading-order (Oa2s) large logarithmic perturbative corrections for the differential W  pT partonic cross-sections for processes of the form pp -> W  + X. The goal of large logarithmic corrections with threshold resummation is to improve the accuracy of the pT distribution thus reducing dependence of the cross-section on renormalization (uR) and factorization (uF) scales, and plays a role in Higgs searches, precision measurement of the W-boson mass, as well as for testing perturbative QCD.



Quantum Chromodynamics, QCD, nonperturbative QCD, Factorization, Sum Rules, Parton Distribution Functions, CERN, LHC, Tevatron, Collider Physics, High Energy Physics, Particle Physics, Gauge Theory, The Standard Model.