A Framework for Improving Performance Testing in Agile Software Development



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The subdiscipline of software quality assurance concerned with non-functional requirements (NFRs) and hardware metrics is known as performance testing. Conducting effective performance testing is complicated, time consuming, and expensive. These attributes put performance testing at odds with agile software development methodologies, which incrementally build software systems in quick cycles while being supported by exhaustive unit and integration test coverage. Due to a variety of challenges, performance testing often cannot keep up with an agile release cadence, and there is a growing body of research that catalogues and describes these challenges and proposes solutions to some of them. This study presents a software testing framework which implements several of the proposed solutions. The framework, called Lulu Performance Test (LPT), aims to confront many of the challenges noted in recent research, with the goal of making effective performance testing more palatable to agile software development methodologies.



agile, performance testing, nfr testing, software engineering, scrum, kanban, agile testing, software testing, software quality assurance