Open Courseware and Computer Science Education




Yue, Kwok-Bun

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Journal of Computing Sciences in Colleges


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The recent enthusiastic reception of the MIT OpenCourseWare (OCW) project has significantly improved the general awareness of Open Courseware (OC). However, many other lesser known projects and resources can also be classified as OC. The OC movement can potentially provide a vast pool of resources to satisfy diverse needs of Computer Science (CS) educators. However, there are only limited discussions on the possible meanings of OC to CS education. This paper elaborates several important facets of OC. It describes how CS educators can utilize raw educational materials from OC and how OC can support a continuum of approaches on constructing courseware. The impact of OC on CS educators will likely be greater than that of Open Source Software (OSS), since CS educators are more likely developers of course contents but only users of OSS. Thus, this paper suggests deeper and broader studies on the opportunities and challenges of OC provided to CS education.




Yue, K., Yang, A., Ding, W. & Chen, P., Open Courseware and Computer Science Education, Journal of Computing Sciences in Colleges. Volume 20, Issue 1. pp. 178-186. 2004.