Exploring potential correlates of student support service utilization, disclosure, adjustment, and fit among postsecondary students with neurodevelopmental disorders



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This study examined campus-based student support service utilization and potential relationships among attitudes and perceptions related to support service utilization among current University of Houston-Clear Lake students with at least one neurodevelopmental condition (NDD). Participants (n = 34) provided information about personal characteristics, service use, service needs, and perceived barriers to service use, as well as attitudes toward neurodevelopmental diagnosis disclosure, attitudes toward adjustment to college, and perceptions of academic fit. Results indicated that perceptions of adjustment to college and academic fit may be a particularly salient aspect of postsecondary experiences among students with NDD. In addition, perceptions of specific barriers to student support service use may be closely related to attitudes about adjustment to college and academic fit.



Student Support Service Use, College Students, Neurodevelopmental Disorders, Diagnosis Disclosure, Adjustment to College, Academic Fit