Role of Negative Personality on Sleep Quality and Emotion Regulation



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The relationship between sleep and emotion regulation has been well-established. Worsened sleep quality is associated with a diminished ability to regulate emotions. However, research has yet to examine potential mediators. This study aims to determine if the personality traits of the dark triad mediate this relationship. To test the hypothesis, an online survey was distributed to UHCL students and the general public. Participants answered questions regarding their sleep, ability to regulate emotions, personality, and demographics. Responses were analyzed using mediation analyses. The results showed that only psychopathy significantly mediated this relationship. Worsened sleep quality, mediated by higher ratings of psychopathy, results in a lessened ability to regulate emotions. These results allow for an improved ability to develop comprehensive treatments for poor sleep or emotion dysregulation.



Negative Personality, Sleep Quality, Emotion Regulation, Dark Triad, Machiavellianism, Psychopathy, Narcissism