Gender ideology and influencing society: Destabilizing the normalization of gender-based violence through infographics


Informing individuals about how gender ideology influences society is vital in today’s world. Changing the conversations about sexual assault and rape can help destabilize the normalization of gender-based violence. It is important to foster a safe environment for individuals to share and to allow people to learn about these topics to make them less taboo or controversial. The project discussed is intended to assist in talking about gender, sexuality, consent, and domestic violence more openly. As a result of this project, topics could be expanded in the future to include bodily autonomy, sex, equal rights, racism, misogyny, and bigotry. Constructing an educational tool/database that could be shared through social media platforms might help break the stigma of gender-based violence. This paper documents the progress of this project from idea to reality. The project created an educational tool/database that addresses myths, assumptions, and stereotypes people have about consent, gender, sexuality, and domestic violence. This project is not just a project for me; it holds personal meaning. In this paper, I give a glimpse of my life that I rarely share with the world, but I think it is important to share with others going through similar situations. I want others to feel comfortable and know they are safe with me. The more you read, the more you have a better understanding of the topic.



gender, sexuality, consent, domestic violence, infographics, gender-based violence