Puddy, Donald R.

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    Finding Aid for the Donald R. Puddy Papers, 1966-2003 (#2016-0011)
    (University of Houston-Clear Lake Archives, 2016)
    Donald R. Puddy was born in Oklahoma on May 31, 1937. Puddy’s career with NASA began at the Manned Spacecraft Center, now known as Johnson Space Center (JSC) in 1964 during the Apollo years. As an engineer on the Apollo 13 flight in 1970, he proposed the solution of using the lunar module, Aquarius, as a lifeboat that saved the lives of the three Apollo 13 astronauts. As a result, Donald Puddy’s career with NASA began to blossom as he was promoted in 1972 to Flight Director, where he commanded NASA’s final mission to the moon, Apollo 17 and the missions to the United States’ first space station, Skylab. Most importantly, Donald Puddy presided over the NASA program during the crucial Cold War period known as détente. The relaxation of tensions between the U.S. and the Soviet Union was personified by joint mission programs such as the Apollo-Soyuz Test Project in 1975 and Shuttle Transportation System (STS) missions to the Russian Space Station Mir in the late 1980s as the first phase of establishing an International Space Station (ISS), which was completed in the late 1990s. Throughout his lengthy career with NASA, Donald Puddy won numerous awards including the Presidential Medal of Freedom for his efforts on the Apollo 13 rescue, the NASA Outstanding Leadership Medal and was inducted into the Oklahoma Aviation and Space Hall of Fame in 2002. Donald Puddy passed away on November 22, 2004 in Houston, Texas. This collection contains the work papers of Donald R. Puddy, Johnson Space Center (JSC) engineer, flight director and manager from 1964 until 2004. Content includes documentation from Apollo, Skylab, Apollo Soyuz Test Project (ASTP), Approach and Landing Test (ALT), Shuttle Transportation System (STS), the Shuttle-Mir Program and JSC operating papers.
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    Shuttle-Mir Overall Program Schedule
    (University of Houston-Clear Lake Archives, 1994)
    Typed flight event schedule from October 1994 through December 1997.
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    Crew Exchange Working Group Mir-18/Mir-19 Crew Schedule
    (University of Houston-Clear Lake Archives, 1994-02-08)
    Typed Astronaut and Cosmonaut training and vacation schedules from January 1994 through July 1995.
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    Schedule for Russian Trainers
    (University of Houston-Clear Lake Archives, 1994-01-25)
    Typed cosmonaut training and testing weekly schedule.
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    Shuttle-Mir Configuration
    (University of Houston-Clear Lake Archives, 1993-01-04)
    Typed cargo configuration between the Space Shuttle and the Mir Space Station. Illustration included.
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    Protocol Between the National Aeronautics and Space Administration and NPO Energia on Implementation of Manned Space Flight Programs (Draft)
    (University of Houston-Clear Lake Archives, 1992-07)
    Typed cooperation agreement to engage in a joint space flight program.
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    Cosmonaut Shuttle Training Costs
    (University of Houston-Clear Lake Archives, 1993-03-10)
    Typed presentation of training cost for cosmonauts to support SLM-1.
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    STS-71 Family Itinerary
    (University of Houston-Clear Lake Archives, 1995-06-06)
    Typed itinerary for astronaut and cosmonaut families for launch week.
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    Astronaut Crew Clothing and Items
    (University of Houston-Clear Lake Archives, 1995-08-08)
    Typed list of items astronauts brought on Mir mission.
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    Crew Personal Items
    (University of Houston-Clear Lake Archives, 1995-07-25)
    Typed list of items cosmonauts brought on Mir mission.
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    Crew-to-Crew Gift List
    (University of Houston-Clear Lake Archives, 1995-07-11)
    Typed list of items to be brought to the Mir crew.
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    Manual for Negotiating with Russians
    (University of Houston-Clear Lake Archives, 1995-02-14)
    Typed list detailing negotiating tactics with Russians.
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    Manual for Russian Cross Cultural Training
    (University of Houston-Clear Lake Archives, 1994-04-11)
    Typed manual detailing Russian culture and customs.
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    Mementos Aboard Space Shuttle Flights
    (University of Houston-Clear Lake Archives, 1996-06)
    Typed list of items that can be brought on Mir mission.
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    STS-71 Cosmonauts Shuttle Functions/Responsibilities
    (University of Houston-Clear Lake Archives, 1993-11)
    Typed list of cosmonauts functions and responsibilities aboard the space shuttle.
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    Mir 18 Crew Astronaut Functions/Responsibilities
    (University of Houston-Clear Lake Archives, 1993-11)
    Typed list of astronaut functions and responsibilities aboard Mir.
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    Proposed Mir 18 Patches
    (University of Houston-Clear Lake Archives, 1993)
    Hand drawn and computer generated proposed patches.
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    Cosmonaut/Astronaut Patch Placement
    (University of Houston-Clear Lake Archives, 1993)
    Hand drawings of astronaut and cosmonaut badge placements.
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    Provisions for Cosmonauts
    (University of Houston-Clear Lake Archives, 1993-07-16)
    Provisions for Cosmonauts in Houston.
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    Star City Telecommunications and Automated Data Processing Requirements
    (University of Houston-Clear Lake Archives, 1995-06-15)
    Typed list of technology access astronauts will have in Star City.