Shuttle Carrier Aircraft Documents

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    Inventory of Shuttle Carrier Aircraft Documents
    (UHCL Archives staff, 2022) JSC History Collection staff
    These documents were collected by the Engineering Analysis Division, Aerodynamics Branch, which was the JSC group responsible for studying the Shuttle ferry concepts. The documents track the studies done by Boeing, Lockheed, Rockwell, JSC, Langley, & McDonnell Douglas which contributed to the choice of the modified Boeing 747 as the carrier of the Shuttle Orbiter for both ALT (Approach & Landing Tests) and ferry flights. The Boeing Reports are organized chronologically and followed by wind tunnel reports, Rockwell reports, and Lockheed reports. At the end of the run are miscellaneous subject files organized by folder dates and consisting of presentation material, correspondence, meeting minutes, and reports. The bulk of the documents were produced between 1974 and 1976.