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    Inventory of STS-51-L Investigation Documents
    (UHCL Archives staff, 2022) JSC History Collection staff
    The Data Design and Analysis Task Force was established within NASA on February 5, 1986, to support the Presidential Commission investigating the Challenger STS-51-L accident (Rogers Commission). The Task Force grew out of the Interim Mishap Investigation Board appointed by NASA Headquarters Office of Manned Space Flight and approved by the acting NASA administrator on January 29, 1986. After the Presidential Commission was appointed, the board was re-named and re-oriented to support the Commission. These papers are primarily those of the Mission Planning and Operations Team (MPOT) of the Data, Design and Analysis Task Force. This team supported the Rogers Commission's Mission Planning and Operations Panel. The records are arranged basically in chronological order within four subject areas. The first group are background documents which pre-date the accident (or are undated) and include requirements, reviews and background information on the flight. The second group consists of presentations and reports that were, for the most part, responses to MPOT requests for information on Commission assigned action items. The third group of documents are correspondence, notes, and miscellaneous material including 51-L impact documents, commission information, team charter, action items lists, etc.. Finally there are Task Force / MPOT generated reports to the Commission, lessons learned, and the task force historical summary. The subseries consists of 2 1/2 linear feet of presentations, reports, and correspondence, most of which were created between January and March 1986. However, the dates run from May 1977 through June 1986.