Hughes, Francis E.

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    Finding Aid for the Francis E. Hughes Collection, 1967-1999 (#2019-0011)
    (UHCL Archives staff, 2019) Hughes, Francis E.
    Francis E. Hughes (who goes by "Frank") earned his BS in physics at St. Mary's College, California; and a MS degree in environmental management at the University of Houston-Clear Lake. Hughes served as the chief of NASA’s Johnson Space Center Spaceflight Training Division. He spent more than 30 years with NASA, working spaceflight training in Gemini, Apollo, Skylab, Space Shuttle, Space Station and future exploration programs, training the flight crews, the flight controllers, and the trainers. He was a computer and GNC expert during Apollo Training. He trained Shuttles crews in GC and computer systems; then he became manager with increasing responsibilities. He left Shuttle training to initiate Space Station training in 1982. Hughes pioneered the training cooperation with all of the ISS partners including Russia. He retired from NASA and is currently heading up some new training efforts in the aerospace community. This collection contains Hughes' work records covering the dates 1967 to 1999.