Romere ALT Wind Tunnel Test Data

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    Inventory of Romere ALT Wind Tunnel Test Data
    (UHCL Archives staff, 2022) JSC History Collection staff
    This subseries of documents was received from Paul Romere who worked in the Engineering Directorate's Navigation, Control & Aeronautics Division. The run consists predominantly of raw ALT wind tunnel test data. Since this is a preliminary inventory, materials have not been culled and have been kept in their original folders. Related documents can be found in the Space Shuttle Aerothermodynamic Data subseries. Particularly helpful will be RP1125, "Space Shuttle Wind Tunnel Testing Program Summary" located in box 0026B. This document discusses Ferry / ALT Configurations, test designations and document titles from the Dataman database wind tunnel test reports. Documents run from 1964 through 1985. Early documents include Apollo and early Shuttle configuration data.