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This collection contains 2 linear feet of Spacelab correspondence dated March 14, 1972 to August 11, 1983 & arranged chronologically. Included are meeting schedules, agendas, presentations, & minutes; studies; news releases & articles; briefings; reviews; plans; & drawings. Subjects include the Research Applications Module (RAM), Sortie Can, Shuttle Sortie Workshop, Concept Verification Test (CVT), Space Station, Sortie Lab, Spacelab, Convair 990, Life Sciences Payload Tests, Spacelab Mission Simulation (SMS), General Purpose Lab (GPL), Launch Site, Payload Development Test, Biomedical Experiment Scientific Satellite (BESS), Spacelab Mission Development (SMD), the Payload Operations Control Center (POCC), Primates, German D-1, Spacelab 6, & Spacelab 4 Safety Review. Many of the documents appear to have been contributed by Gary W. McCollum, Space & Life Sciences Directorate, Life Sciences Experiments Division, Payloads Systems Support Branch. Other Spacelab documentation may be found in the following collections: Bilstein Spacelab Collection, Spacelab Design Reviews, Spacelab Reports, & Spacelab Safety Reviews.



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