Data Quality Challenges in Cyber-Physical Systems




Kewei, Sha

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ACM Journal on Data and Information Quality


Recent emerging technologies, which integrate sensing, computation, communication, and control, have changed the way we observe and control the physical world. Cyber-physical systems (CPSs) [Rajkumar et all. 2010] are systems that have been applied in a variety of applications to collect data such as temperature, heart rate, speed, and so on from the physical world and make decisions based on the analysis of the data, thereby controlling and optimizing the physical objects in the real world. We are not only witnessing a seamless consolidation of the physical world and the cyber world but also experiencing a significant change in our lifestyle brought by the CPS.



Reliability, Design, Data Quality, Cyber-Physical Systems, Faculty Data Detection


Kewei Sha and Sherali Zeadally, “Data Quality in Cyber-Physical Systems”, ACM Journal on Data and Information Quality, 6(2-3), article No. 8, July 2015