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This collection contains 4 linear feet of documents resulting from the safety review process conducted for Spacelabs 1, 2, 3, and D-1. The documents were donated to the History Office by Robert J. Wren of the Engineering Directorate, Systems Engineering Division, Systems Engineering and Integration Office. Mr. Wren has been a member of the Payload Safety Review Panel since 1984. The panel is responsible for assessing the integrated payload/ground support equipment (GSE) safety analyses performed by various payload organizations. The results of the safety analyses are recorded in a safety assessment report and presented to the panel in accordance with the requirements cited in NSTS 1700.7 and KHB 1700.7. (Additional guidelines on the safety process are found in NSTS 13830, Implementation Procedure for NSTS Payloads, System Safety Requirements.) The payload/GSE includes all individual elements of the payload/GSE developed for and by the payload organization, the interfaces among those elements, and any NASA-provided or NSTS-provided equipment physically mounted on the payload. This collection dates from March 19, 1982 to February 6, 1986 and includes safety assessment reports, memoranda, review data packages, presentations, minutes of meetings, action items, comments, closures, compliance data packages, and certifications. The material is arranged chronologically within each mission subgroup. For more information on Spacelab see Spacelab Correspondence, Spacelab Design Reviews, Spacelab Reports, and the Bilstein Collection. Normally there are 4 safety reviews. Phase 0 is held during the concept phase; phase I about the time of the preliminary design review; phase II about the time of the critical design review; and phase III completed 30 days prior to delivery of the payload at the launch site.



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