Inventory of Mark K. Craig Papers Shuttle Solid Rocket Booster (SRB) Separation (SEP) System




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The collection originally arrived in five boxes. These boxes had numbers on the side and on the top flap indicating that there should have been ten boxes altogether (ex., 3/10, 6/10). Whether the other five boxes were lost or are in storage could not be determined; as such, according to the numbering on the boxes, only the contents of boxes 1-3 and 5-6 are contained in this subseries. Mr. Craig's papers were very well-organized, related materials having been placed in labeled folders and subject sections marked by labeled green subdividers. The order of the received boxes was maintained, as were the folder titles and their contents. If the folders contained a number of different media (photos, schematics, reports, etc.), this is indicated in parentheses. The dates given indicate the range of the material in the folder. Certain subject areas, marked by green subdividers, will be indicated in the inventory with the number of folders involved. The resulting arrangement is: 1) SRB Separation material, 2) subject areas related to SRB Sep system and plume impingement, 3) BSM materials and post-mission evaluation reports for STS 1-6, and 4) plume impingement tests. Mr. Craig was well-organized as much with the contents of the folders as with the folders themselves. Large reports are often labeled with black marker on their spines for easy access and are divided with yellow stickies or tabbed inserts to mark important sections. Many of the folders contain numerous handwritten notes, all easy to read and extensive in their content. The many schematics and charts, often done by hand also, are clear and clean and sometimes incorporate more than three colors in their construction. Related documentation to consult in the Shuttle Series is the External Tank documentation (Michoud).



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