The Influence of Early-Childhood Teachers’ Perceptions, Attitudes, and Technology Proficiency on Educational Technology Use in Early-Childhood Classrooms



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Early childhood is a critical time to form the foundations required for success in education and life. Additionally, the 21st century has catapulted the world into an age of technology. It is imperative to find balance between the use of traditional teaching methods and ways to implement developmentally appropriate technology in early-childhood classrooms. The purpose of this study was to investigate the impact of early-childhood teachers’ perceptions, attitudes, and technology proficiency on educational technology use in early-childhood classrooms. To help answer the research questions, a random sample of early-childhood educators was selected to answer two established scale surveys on attitude towards technology and technology proficiency. Additionally, interviews were conducted to ascertain how teachers perceive the use of educational technology as a developmentally appropriate practice. A mixed-methods design was employed, and examination of quantitative survey results and qualitative interviews provided insight into teachers’ perceptions, attitudes, and proficiency of technology use in early-childhood classrooms as compared to their age and years of service. Findings indicated early-childhood teachers with more years of service are more likely to feel confident in their proficiency with technology skills, resulting in higher implementation in their early-childhood classrooms. Additionally, early-childhood teachers’ attitudes towards educational technology do not change based on years of service. Furthermore, as an early-childhood teacher’s technology proficiency increases, his or her attitude towards technology also increases. Finally, although answers varied, all participants shared a conviction for doing what is developmentally appropriate for early-childhood students and felt quality instruction should be the most important goal in all early-childhood classrooms. This study revealed the need for teachers to feel competent in their abilities to use educational technology in early-childhood classrooms, despite their years of service.



educational technology, Early-childhood teachers, years of services, Early-childhood education, technology proficiency