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This subseries consists of a chronological run of presentation charts generated by members of the Flight Director's Office of the Mission Operations Directorate. "Flight Directors are in charge of the flight control team. All decisions regarding the safe and expedient conduct of the flight are the flight director's responsibility. Since the main objective of the STS is to serve STS users, a prime FD responsibility is to accommodate user requirements and objectives whenever possible within safety and resource constraints. The FD has the final authority on time critical decisions affecting flight safety, including situations involving conflicting requirements between STS operations and payload operations" (MOD Orientation Manual, December 15, 1985). These concerns of the flight directors' are apparent in the subjects of the presentations in this subseries. A large number of them deal with safety and risk assessment issues, flight rules, and mission techniques. The material is dated from August 1983 through December 1987 (bulk dates 1986 - 1987).



NASA, Johnson Space Center, Space Shuttle, National Aeronautics and Space Administration