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Robert Brown was Branch Chief of the Technology Development & Applications Branch of the Mission Planning & Analysis Division (MPAD). Among other functions, this branch was responsible for dynamic systems. Mr. Brown also chaired the committee studying the Radioisotope Thermoelectric Generator (RTG) to be used in the Galileo and Ulysses payloads scheduled to fly on the Shuttle. This subseries consists predominantly of copies of meeting minutes, reports and correspondence related to Mr. Brown's role in the safety testing of the RTG device. The collection runs from the mid 1970s through 1988. Boxes 1 through 13 contain original files in the order received. No changes were made to the contents and minimal changes for readability were made to the titles. Box 13 through the end of the run contain the contents of notebooks. The contents were removed and foldered according to the inventory received with the books. Green dividers mark each book title from the original notebook. Basically, nothing has been changed. Some documents were listed in detail and others not mentioned at all. Those not listed, in most cases, were kept in the original order and placed in folders with listed documents. Where documents had lost the original order (not in notebooks or not related to material surrounding it), documents were put into folders entitled (Miscellaneous, Unlisted.) Because original order was maintained so that the inventory listing could be used, the chronological order of documents from the notebooks (although not consistent) generally goes from most recent to earliest dates. The original order of the files seemed to have been alphabetical.



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