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This subseries contains materials related to the National Space Transportation System (NSTS) Program from 1975 to 1989, with the majority of the collection dating from 1986 to 1989. It contains a number of interesting topics, chief of which are post-Challenger documents and memos on NSTS organization changes and shuttle redesigns. There is also an extensive memo and newspaper clippings collection for the year 1972. This year was a turning point for NASA in terms of presidential politics, the transition to post-Apollo programs (i.e., shuttle development), and Congressional funding of the space program. The provenance of this collection is Richard H. Kohrs, Deputy Director, NSTS Program from 1987-1989. He is currently Director of Space Station Freedom. Biographical data on Mr. Kohrs can be found in the contents folder for this collection. The original order of the collection was adjusted to account for the various subject areas. These subject areas are arranged in alphabetical order below. The contents are arranged by document number when available or chronologically when no document number is used. The Shuttle documents are arranged alphabetically. The subject areas are: Anomaly Status Reports JSC Documents JSCM Documents KSC Documents NASA TM Documents NSTS Documents Shuttle-C papers Shuttle Documents STS Documents Unmanned Shuttle Flight Verification/Certification Assessment of Shuttle Program A chronological placement was chosen for the remainder of the collection. The memo and newspaper clippings collection for 1972 has been placed in the Special Materials area in boxes 11-12. Included in this section are various memos from other NASA centers and Headquarters, as well as maps of a majority of the NASA centers.



NASA, Johnson Space Center, Space Shuttle, National Aeronautics and Space Administration