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This subseries consists of documents pertaining to early shuttle development and design from 1969 to 1972, the majority dating from 1970. Early shuttle conceptual design data, as well as numerous correspondence, reports, and diagrams, are an integral part of the collection. The provenance of this material is Steve Andrich, who worked at JSC from 1963 to 1990. Starting in the Special Projects division of the Gemini Program Office, he moved to the Spacecraft Design Office in early 1967 and was involved in early design and development of the space shuttle. From 1975 to 1986 he was assigned to the Orbiter Systems Operation Office, and from 1986 until his retirement worked in the Flight Requirements Office of the STS Orbiter and GFE Projects Office. A letter from Mr. Andrich describing the contents of this collection has been placed in the first folder. The next two folders contain a huge volume of information concerning early shuttle design that Mr. Andrich has simply named Book #1 and Book #2, with the appropriate dates included. From this point forward, the collection has been arranged chronologically. Some subject folders that are of particular interest are the 1968 space suit material; the early shuttle drawings by various contractors dated April 13, 1970; the crew/passenger cabin studies; the in-house early shuttle configurations, which contain numerous drawings and designs; the NR mini shuttle concept; and the management approach folder, which is a detailed flowchart of early shuttle program management. The collection ends with evaluation reports on the first and second shuttle flights. Since they were spaced rather far chronologically from the rest of the collection, they have been placed last in the collection.



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