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This subseries consists of anomaly lists, CHIT lists, flight related reports, and mission action requests collected by the Flight Director's Office and compiled on microfiche. They cover STS-26 through STS-39 and most documents (with the exception of backup material) were created during the missions by mission operations staff either in or supporting the mission control center. They are arranged by mission with one mission per fiche envelope. *CHIT from Apollo days was an acronym for Crew Honest Input from Training. When DA staff was asked what this acronym meant in Shuttle, no one was sure However the CHIT list is the list form which anomaly lists are generated. [NOTE TO RESEARCHERS: THE MICROFICHE IN THIS SECTION IS NOT AVAILABLE AT THE UHCL ARCHIVES AND SPECIAL COLLECTIONS. IT IS LISTED HERE BECAUSE IT WAS ORIGINALLY PART OF THE JSC HISTORY COLLECTION, BUT IT IS SUSPECTED NASA SENT THIS MICROFICHE BACK TO THE NATIONAL ARCHIVES].



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