Instructional Leader Practices: Are They Related to Student Achievement



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The purpose of this sequential mixed method study was to examine the relationship between the four core leadership principles and student achievement in schools in a small region in Texas. This study included a review of data collected from the School Leadership Survey from a purposeful sample of school principals from schools serviced in the Region V Service Center Area. A purposeful sample of principals from elementary, middle and high schools were also interviewed in an attempt to provide a more in-depth understanding of the potential influence of principal behaviors on student achievement. Quantitative data were analyzed using frequencies, percentages, and Pearson's product-moment correlations (r), while and inductive coding process was used to analyze the collected qualitative data. Quantitative analysis demonstrated that there was not a statistical mean difference between the four core principles and student achievement, except with managing the instructional program. The qualitative analysis supported the evidence from current research related to the notion that a positive relationship exist between the two constructs.



Principal Leadership