Physico-Chemical Processes




Zhang, Carl

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Water Environment Research


conducted experiments to track variations in natural organic matter (NOM) and bromide (Br-) through various treatment processes (coagulation, sand filtration, ozonation, and biological activated carbon [BAC]) comprising a process train in a full-scale drinking water treatment plant. 2007b) examined adsorption of trichloroethylene (TCE) and atrazine, two synthetic organic contaminants (SOCs) having different optimum adsorption pore regions, by four activated carbons and an activated carbon fiber (ACF. (2007b) developed a new treatment technology under tropical conditions for piggery wastewater and compared the performance of combined biological and physico-chemical system (BP-C), based on biological anaerobic pre-treatment, followed by chemical precipitation and air striping with three upflow, anaerobic, anoxic and aerobic floating filter (UA(3)FF) system.



Adsorption Water treatment Models Experiments Air pollution Acids Behavior Outdoor air quality Molecular weight Surface water Water treatment plants Atoms & subatomic particles Regression analysis


Ahmad, R., Zhang, C. (., Ahmed, S., Karanfil, T., Kaplan, S. S., Selbes, M., & Begum, S. (2008). Physico-chemical processes. Water Environment Research, 80(10), 978-1035