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Integration Attached Payloads Office. They consist of the case files for the Canadian Experiment Package which flew on STS 41-G in October 1984. This was a crew compartment payload consisting of the following experiments. A Space Technology experiment, VISET, the Space Vision System Experiment Development Tests, had as primary objectives the calibration of closed circuit TV and Canadian target system combinations as well as the collection of annotated video on target maneuvers. ACOMEX, Advanced Composite Material Exposure, was another space technology experiment. This one looked at the degradation of polymers in the orbiter environment and was similar to some experiments on the LDEF (Long Duration Exposure Facility). Space science experiments included OGLOW, SPEAM and PHOTONS. OGLOW, Orbital Glow and Atmospheric Emissions took spectral readings and measured the intensity of orbiter and earth's limb emissions. SPEAM was the Sun Photometer Earth Atmosphere Measurements and PHOTONS was the Photometric Thermospheric Oxygen Nightglow Study. A Life Sciences experiment, SASSE (Space Adaptation Syndrome Supplemental Experiments), expanded the available data on vestibulo-ocular reflex, awareness of object positions, proprioceptive illusions, limb sensory functions, and space motion sickness. Because this collection represents a good snapshot of payload management activities very little was done to change the organization of the documents. The collection has been maintained in its original file folders with keywords and date ranges noted. Original folder titles are in bold type on the inventory. The folders are filed chronologically by the latest date on the folder. Materials within the folders are filed chronologically from earliest to latest date with undated material at the end of the folder. Dates range from February 1984 through February 1986.



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