Multi-agent Based Wireless Pyroelectric Infrared Sensor Network for Multi-human Tracking and Self-calibration


This paper presents a multi-agent-based wireless pyroelectric infrared sensor network for human tracking and self-calibration. The goal of this research is to achieve a scalable, reconfigurable multi-agent system (MAS) which consists of sensing, action, decision agents can be developed from one uniform reconfigurable node, Sensing agents contain PIR sensors, a signal conditioning circuit, and programmable system on a chip (PSoC). Action agents contain a servo motor, a servo control circuit, and PSoC. Decision agents contain a field-programmable gate array (FPGA) board, which can implement self-calibration algorithm. Database agents are developed using SUN MySQL platform, which contains situation and group information (e.g., number of targets, system geometric parameters, nodes position, and orientations). Initial experimental results illustrate the advantage of the proposed MAS based PIR sensor networks.



Sensors, Target tracking, Databases, Wireless sensor networks, Calibration, Multi-agent systems, Context


J. Lu, J. Gong, Q. Hao and F. Hu, "Multi-agent based wireless pyroelectric infrared sensor networks for multi-human tracking and self-calibration," SENSORS, 2013 IEEE, Baltimore, MD, 2013, pp. 1-4.