Temperature dependent weak magnetic effect on bacterial growth



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In this era of technology, exposure to weak magnetic fields is almost unavoidable and is always ignored. Short term exposure with weak fields may not influence anything. But long term effect of strong fields cannot be ignored. Cells are fundamental building blocks of life and are studied as biological systems traditionally. Cellular structure analysis, their growth rate and their molecular level studies are based mainly on experimentation and observations using biological techniques. Biophysics uses fundamental concepts of Physics to study the dynamics of biological systems in detail. Bacteria is the simplest form of single-celled life and is closely related to human life as bacteria is incubated in the human body and is strongly related to human life and health. Bacterial growth rate and the change in its behavior due to the exposure of bacteria with weak magnetic fields is directly related to human health and safety as well as it is the first step towards the impact of weak fields on molecular dynamics of cellular behavior and growth. In this thesis we study the effect of small changes in temperature on bacterial growth in the presence of low magnetic field. Temperature effect on the growth rate of bacteria is known very well. However, in the presence of weak magnetic field the sensitivity of temperature is affected. We study the relative change of bacterial growth and its behavior with small change in temperature in the presence of different types of weak magnetic field. Two weak effects add up to give a different effect and is worth studying and interesting.