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This subseries contains materials related to the Shuttle/Centaur integration project for high orbit and interplanetary missions. This project was cancelled in the mid 1980's, so the majority of the documents on Shuttle/Centaur date from 1983-1986. The Payload Remote Integration System (PRIS) was built to support Orbiter/Centaur Phase II and Phase III verification tests by providing a transparent interface between the Test Operations Control Center and the remotely located Centaur/Centaur simulator. These materials date from 1984-1985. The provenance of these documents is Jack C. Boykin, who worked in the Shuttle Avionics Office during this time period. Most of the materials, therefore, deal with the software development and integration of the Shuttle/Centaur project. This collection should be used together with the Shuttle/Centaur and Vandenberg Launch Site (VLS) collection, since the S/C materials there date from 1980-1984 and were compiled by a different shuttle division. The collection originally arrived as a number of labeled folders interspersed with loose papers and documents. The chronological arrangement of the collection was chosen for organizational purposes. A number of materials were culled due to duplicate copies. This included some volumes of STS 83-1036, which can be found in its entirety in the S/C and VLS collection. A sizeable number of Shuttle/Centaur Functional Requirements Documents (FRD's) were found throughout the collection. These have been grouped together and arranged chronologically in boxes 10-11.



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