Finding Aid for the Charles Laubach Papers, 1958–2006 (#2017–0009)




Laubach, Charles

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This collection contains the work papers of Charles H. Laubach (who went by "Chuck"), who served as a NASA Johnson Space Center logistics and maintenance engineer from 1958 until 2006. Laubach began his aerospace industrial career in San Diego, California, under General Dynamics--Convair Astronautics after graduation from Texas A&M University in 1958 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering. In 1962, Laubach moved back to Texas to begin his 25 year service with the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) at Johnson Space Center in Houston, Texas. There, he dedicated his life as a design and logistics engineer for landmark projects such as the Atlas--Centauri, Project Orbiter, and Apollo Missions. While with NASA, Laubach worked on environmental acceptance testing (EAT), integrated logistics Support (ILS), logistics support analysis (LSA), and logistics support analysis records (LSAR). In 1987, Laubach left NASA and began a career working alongside McDonnel--Douglas and for the Boeing Company where he continued to act as a logistics engineer for the Space Shuttle Program (SSP) and his tireless work with the International Space Station Program (ISSP). While at Boeing, Laubach stood out amongst his peers and lead several projects in designing from start to finish various logistics efforts. He designed manuals and rafted presentations on the importance of logistical engineering and applied ground maintenance of grounded space shuttles and ISSP technology. While working with the ISSP, Laubach was able to travel to foreign nation-states, such as Italy and the Netherlands, in an effort to collaborate with nations around the world to maintain the vision of a united humanity undergoing space exploration. The majority of the Laubach collection spans over his years with Boeing while working in collaboration with NASA and the Johnson Space Center (JSC). The collection includes documentation from General Dynamics, Convair Astronautics, Apollo Environmental Acceptance Testing (EAT), McDonnel--Douglas, United Space Alliance (USA), Space Shuttle Program (SSP), International Space Station Program (ISSP), Logistics Support Analysis (LSA), Logistics Support Analysis Record (LSAR), Logistics and Maintenance (LM), and Integrated Logistic Support (ILS), Department of Defense (DOD) and Military Standard contracts.