Energy Minimization for On-Line Real-Time Scheduling with Reliability Awareness




Yang, Xiaokun

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Elsevier Journal of Systems and Software


Under current development of semiconductor technology, there is an exponential increase in transistor density on a single processing chip. This aggressive transistor integration significantly boosts the computing performance. However, it also results in a power explosion, which immediately decreases the system reliability. Moreover, some well-known power/energy reduction techniques, i.e. Dynamic Voltage and Frequency Scaling (DVFS), can cause adverse impact on system reliability. How to effectively manage the power/energy consumption, meanwhile keep the system reliability under control, is critical for the design of high performance computing systems. In this paper, we present an online power management approach to minimize the energy consumption for single processor real-time scheduling under reliability constraint. We formally prove that the proposed algorithm can guarantee the system reliability requirement. Our simulation results show that, by exploiting the run-time dynamics, the proposed approach can achieve more energy savings over previous work under reliability constraint.



Energy minimization, ReliabilityMulti-core systems, Real-time scheduling


M. Fan, Q. Han, and X. Yang, "Energy Minimization for On-Line Real-Time Scheduling with Reliability Awareness," Elsevier Journal of Systems and Software. (JSS IF: 1.424), Vol. 127, PP. 168-176, May 2017.