Inventory of Space Shuttle Aerothermodynamic Data




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Chrysler Corporation, under contract NAS9-13247, was given the task of collecting and disseminating Shuttle wind tunnel test data. The system selected as the database for this task was named SADSAC (System for Automated Design for Static Aerothermodynamic Criteria), later renamed DATAMAN. This subseries consists of material used to create the published documentation on the SADSAC data. The documents consist of original photographs, drawings, and summaries of Shuttle Phase B wind tunnel tests of various orbiter and booster configurations. The inclusive dates run from 1970 to 1983, the bulk of which are 1970-72. The largest portion of documentation consists of material culled from the original SADSAC files and is organized by SADSAC report number. These documents are immediately preceded by a 1973 data file contents report which lists all of the document numbers included in these files and pertinent information about each test. Also included are several documents that explain the SADSAC / DATAMAN system and its history. Originally housed at the Chrysler Corporation's Michoud Engineering Office, the records found their way to the JSC History Office through the efforts of Mr. N. D. Kemp of Chrysler and Dr. John Mauer, contract historian for the Shuttle Chronology. Termination of the Chrysler operations at Michoud necessitated the removal of the documents from the archive maintained there. Dr. Mauer culled the historically significant photographs and other original pictorial data, and the rest was destroyed. However, the published reports are available through the JSC technical library. After processing these records more information on aerothermodynamics, not directly related to the Chrysler documents, was added as addenda to box 0026B.



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