The Relationship Between Principals' Tenures and Other Fixed Variables and Students' Achievement on the 3rd and 4th grade Reading STAAR Exams in Texas



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In a time when educational leaders and stakeholders are called to do more to maximize student outcomes while drawing on dwindling resources, it is prudent to analyze all factors that contribute to increases in students’ achievement trends. Earlier research has focused on the role teachers and principals have played in students’ achievement. The research also supports that teachers’ tenures are positively correlated with students’ achievement. However, little attention has been given to the exploration of the impact principals’ tenures may have on students’ achievement. The purpose for this research was to describe the relationship, if any, that exists between principals’ tenures and students’ achievement. In addition, the researcher, in an effort to avoid monocausality, wanted to explore other fixed variables such as principals’ gender and school type, in conjunction with principals’ tenures, to see whether these items provide any additional insight into students’ achievement trends. It is the researcher’s hope that the results of this study adds to body of research and further aids districts and leaders with effectively meeting students’ needs and maximizing students’ outcomes.



tenure, reading achievement, principals