Reading Teachers' Perceptions And Attitudes Of A Dialogic Approach To Teaching In Elementary Classrooms



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A limited body of research exists that considers reading teachers' perceptions and attitudes about a dialogic approach to teaching (Dunn, 2018). The purpose of this qualitative research study was to investigate elementary reading teachers' perceptions and attitudes about a dialogic approach to teaching. Sociocultural Theory was the framework that grounded this research study. The researcher used a purposeful sample of four elementary reading teachers. Each participant was interviewed, and two classroom observations were conducted. A constant comparative method was used to analyze the data. The five themes that emerged were not all classroom discussions are equal, student barriers to rich classroom discussions, the positive impact of assertive influences on student learning, barriers that hinder teachers' abilities to extend discussions, and teachers' limited knowledge of dialogic teaching. The results revealed consistencies among participants related to their perceptions and abilities to extend discussions and teachers' limited knowledge about a dialogic approach to teaching. Each participant felt comfortable teaching both fiction and informational texts in their classrooms. Results determined that affirming students' responses and providing positive feedback were the most common forms of dialogic tools used in elementary classrooms. Teachers had no prior knowledge of dialogic teaching. However, teacher participants expressed an interest to know more about dialogic teaching; specifically, how to apply the five elements in their daily instructional practices. Results suggested elementary reading teachers need professional development training to inform their instructional practices to develop a dialogic approach to teaching.



dialogic teaching, dialogic discussions