Factors that impact the implementation of secondary dual language programs in three school districts in the State of Texas



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Research has demonstrated that dual language education is the most powerful for school reform. Most of the research has focused on the outcomes of elementary programs. As dual language programs continue to expand from the elementary level to the middle school setting, more research is necessary to explain how these programs are being sustained at the secondary level. This qualitative study researched the factors that impacted the implementation of dual language programs at the middle school level in three Texas school districts. It presents a multiple case study with each school district forming a single case study. The participants included district personnel over the secondary dual language program, middle school campus administrators, a magnet coordinator, and dual language teachers. The findings describe factors that impacted the implementation of the dual language program at the middle school based on each participants’ perspective in their current role within the school district. It also describes the factors that support the continuation of their secondary dual language program and the challenges still being faced in order to sustain the program at the middle school level. The study also addresses implications for secondary dual language programs.



dual language, bilingual