Robot-assisted Intelligent Emergency System for Individual Elderly Independent Living




Lu, Jiang

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With the ever-increasing aging population and others in need of close monitoring, there is a profound demand for an efficient and economical counter-emergency system. This paper proposes a smart connected real-time voice and video communication and tele-controlled co-robot system to provide a highly secured counter-emergency solution for people living alone, especially for elder adults. A comprehensive personal emergency assistant tele-robotics guard system is provided pervasive emergency intelligence for independent living. It contains three modules: robot awareness module, wearable emergency analysis module, and remote-control module. The robot in the robot awareness module is able to find out the yell of "help". The wearable emergency analysis module can recognize a person's activity and predict health condition. The remote-control module can control the robot remotely by using mobile devices. This smart connected tele-robotics guard system will dynamically detect, alarm, tele-operate for emergency situations. The prototypes have designed and developed with vocal help requests and wearable sensors to actively protect a person in emergency situations even when he/she loses consciousness, mobility, or clear conversation capability. The latest prototype was deployed in a senior home facility for extensive testing, eliciting real-life data to conduct further improvements.



assisted living; emergency management; geriatrics; human-robot interaction; mobile computing; sensors; service robots; telerobotics; robot-assisted intelligent emergency system; individual elderly independent living; aging population; counter-emergency system; video communication; smart connected real-time voice communication; tele-controlled corobot system; counter-emergency solution; elder adults; personal emergency assistant tele-robotics guard system; pervasive emergency intelligence; robot awareness module; wearable emergency analysis module; remote control module; health condition; mobile devices; smart connected tele-robotics guard system; vocal help request; wearable sensors; emergency situations; conversation capability; senior home facility; Robots; Decision support systems; Component architectures; Conferences; Biomedical monitoring; Monitoring; Software


L. Wu, J. Lu, T. Zhang and J. Gong, "Robot-assisted intelligent emergency system for individual elderly independent living," 2016 IEEE Global Humanitarian Technology Conference (GHTC), Seattle, WA, 2016, pp. 628-633. doi: 10.1109/GHTC.2016.7857344