Revisiting Neutron Star Physics Including Finite Temperature and Density Effects on the Medium



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Neutron stars are highly compact stellar evolutionary endpoints whose formation and existence rely on a complex interplay between the overall hydrodynamic equilibrium and the local approach of quantum mechanics. The extreme conditions theorized inside neutron stars seems to set up conditions for the existence of exotic forms of matter. This project aims to develop a better understanding of the dynamics of neutron stars with the eventual goal of developing an improved and testable model for neutron stars. We begin with a brief review of stellar evolution, from molecular cloud, all the way up to core collapse supernovae, where the temperature and densities begin to take on extreme values. We look at weak force interactions during the supernova and then examine their role in determining the equation of state and thermal evolution of a neutron star. We discuss the structure of neutron stars and the different varieties of neutron star systems that have been observed. Finally, we examine the modification of electron properties in the finite temperature and densities encountered in the interiors of neutron stars. We look at the number density of electrons in high temperatures and chemical potentials in the context of neutron star thermal evolution and find that it fits with existing cooling trends.



Neutron star, equation of state, finite temperature and density, FTD, QED