Secondary Co-Teachers’ Perceptions of Their Competence in Co-Teaching and Utilizing Integrative Technology



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When ensuring the least restrictive environment for students eligible and receiving special education services a delivery option frequently considered is providing a second teacher in the general education classroom. This second teacher is often a specialist in special education instruction which allows for an increase in opportunities for differentiation and specially designed instruction through the instructional model known as co-teaching. Related, instruction is increasingly being presented through integrative technology. The purpose of this study was to explore secondary educators’ perceptions of their competence in co-teaching and utilizing integrative technology, and the relationship it has with educators’ perceived practices. The findings from this study illustrated the illusion of beliefs and knowledge and emphasized the disconnect between knowledge and classroom practice. Several misconceptions of co-teaching and integrative technology are presented within this study’s findings.



secondary, co-teachers, perceptions, competence, co-teaching, utilizing, integrative technology, technology, least restrictive environment, inclusion, misconceptions