A Study of the Effectiveness of Statewide Mandated Professional Development



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The purpose of this mixed methods study was to investigate the impact and effectiveness of state mandated professional development on participant knowledge and practice while highlighting participant experiences with the professional development. This study utilized embedded pre and posttest module scores of 64 participants and interview data from ten participants who attended the blended model of the Texas House Bill 3 Reading Academies during the 2021-2022 school year. The quantitative results of this study indicated statistically significant growth in teacher knowledge based on the pre and posttest module scores on all modules except establishing a literacy community. The qualitative data revealed four major themes and four subthemes. The major themes were conflicting experiences with professional development, challenges with delivery/modality of professional development, background experience makes a difference in professional development, and professional development implementation. Within the delivery theme, the following sub themes emerged: authenticity, feedback, collaboration, and time. The results revealed overall negative experiences and some impact on classroom practice. Additionally, interview data revealed the Texas House Bill 3 Reading Academies blended model of delivery as ineffective for some participants while effective for few participants for various reasons. The research concludes with implications for campus, district, and state leaders and recommendations for future research.



Professional Development, Statewide Mandated Professional Development, Literacy Professional Development