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The Paul F. Horsman Papers is composed of meeting notes, notebooks, calendars, memos, engineering drawings, engineering calculations and notes, research information, memos, design plans, planning records, Space Shuttle crew compartment configuration drawing booklets, published reports, booklets, published presentations, published conference proceedings, contractor reports and manuals, NASA publications, NASA handbooks and manuals, NASA strategic plans, telephone directories, photographs, and miscellaneous materials, created and used by NASA Johnson Space Center engineer Paul F. Horsman. Horsman worked for NASA as one of the original 40 engineers and scientists with NASA’s Space Force Task Force in Langley, Virginia. He worked from 1962 to 1997 at NASA Johnson Space Center Houston, Texas.

Horsman worked in various divisions and offices at NASA for the Mercury and Apollo programs from 1959 to the early 1970s, before turning to work on Space Shuttle orbiter engineering work. The main two departments in which he worked were the Electro-mechanical Systems Section of the Guidance and Control Division of the Engineering Directorate, and Space Shuttle Integration and Operations Office. Some of the most unique materials in the collection include Horsman’s personal meeting and engineering notebooks; orbiter crew compartment configuration drawings; design records and research on addressing addressed the issues of stabilization of magnetic torquers, which were used on the Apollo missions and in early design work for the Space Shuttle; and Horsman’s engineering drawings of the Mercury capsule design, and the designs for the Mercury flight simulator created between September 1959 and April 1960.



Human space flight, manned space flight, NASA, Johnson Space Center, Manned Spacecraft Center, Apollo Program, Mercury Program


Paul F. Horsman Papers, HSF-58, University of Houston-Clear Lake Archives and Special Collections, Alfred R. Neumann Library, 2700 Bay Area Blvd., Houston, TX 77058-1002