Examining the dynamics between parent participation and fifth-grade student achievement



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The purpose of this study was to examine the dynamics between parent participation in education and student achievement. Fifth-grade parents from seven elementary schools in a large suburban school district in southeast Texas were solicited to complete the PASS and participate in focus groups. A sample of parents who completed the PASS and attended at least one academic community outreach event were individually matched to those parents who did not attend any community outreach events. Standardized test scores for fifth-grade 2018 State of Texas Assessments of Academic Readiness and sign-in sheets for academic community outreach events were also collected from archived campus and district data. The data were analyzed using Pearson correlations and independent samples t-tests to determine whether a statistically significant relationship exists between parent participation in education and fifth-grade standardized test scores. The solicited parents were also invited to participate in focus groups. Findings indicated that a relationship exists between parent academic assistance at home and student achievement, as well as between parent/school communication and achievement. However, no relationship was found to exist between parent volunteering at school, parent educational decision-making, or parent/community collaboration and achievement. Results also showed that parent participation in academic community outreach events did influence overall achievement.



Parent involvement, student achievement, parent participation, community involvement