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Only the first few documents in this subseries are those that are found in most other flight related documents subseries for the STS-51 mission, more commonly known as the Challenger explosion. The press kit, flight plan and flight rules are included, but other than that the bulk of the documentation was created after the accident and geared towards return to flight, reaction to the accident and response to the Presidential Commission investigating the 51-L accident. Also included in this subseries are two videotapes of the 51-L memorial service. This subseries is geared toward looking at only issues related to this flight and its impact on future flights. For information on the investigation proper see the 51-L investigation subseries. Some files about the accident can also be found in the Charlesworth files in the Center collection. The documentation is arranged chronologically and dated from 1984 through 1988 and responding to the "Report off the Presidential Commission on the Space Shuttle Challenger Accident." The video tapes of the memorial service are at the end of the run, in box 6.



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