Physico-chemical Processes




Zhang, Carl

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Water Environment Research


Zhang et al. (2004a) explored the removal of two pesticides (atrazine and simazine) from different water matrices (distilled water, tap water and river water) by nanofiltration. The researchers found that rejection of atrazine was always higher than the rejection of simazine and presence of NOM enhanced the adsorption of pesticides onto membrane surface. Excess fluoride in drinking water is harmful to human health. In a study, Arora et al. (2004) examined the use of reverse osmosis membrane for defluoridation of underground water samples. The results indicated that RO membranes can be successfully used for the treatment of underground water to the desired purity level, as they remove up to 95% of fluoride.



Adsorption; Water treatment; Models; Experiments; Air pollution; Acids; Behavior; Outdoor air quality; Molecular weight; Surface water; Water treatment plants; Atoms & subatomic particles; Regression analysis


Ahmad R, Degum S, Hoek, EMV, Karanfil T, Genceli EA, Yadav A, Trivedi P, Zhang C (2004), Physico-chemical Processes, Water Environment Research, 76(6):823-1002. 39