Perceptions of Factors that Contribute to the Successful Reading Development of Young African American Male Students



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The purpose of this qualitative research study was to determine the perceptions of administrators, reading teachers, librarian, and campus reading specialist of the factors that contribute to reading development of African American male students in prekindergarten through third grade. Culturally Responsive Teaching theory was used to frame the perspectives of the participants. A purposive sampling of the participant groups was used. The participants were interviewed, classroom observations were conducted, and field notes were collected. A constant comparative method was used to analyze the data. There were five themes that emerged from the data. The five themes were explicit instruction, differentiating to meet student needs, promoting student engagement, teacher as learner and teacher as supporter. The findings indicated that there are commonalities among the participants relating to their perceptions on the factors that contribute to the reading development of African American male students.



African American Males, Reading