Sabes Quién Soy y De Dónde Vengo: Latino Newcomer Perspectives on Their Migration Journey and Perceived Impact on Their Learning Experiences and Acculturation to U.S. High Schools



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The purpose of this study was to examine Latino newcomer student perspectives on their migration experiences and their perceptions of the impact migration has on their learning and acculturation to U.S. high schools. The participants for this study were three Latino adults who attended high school as newcomers: enrolling within three years of arriving in the United States. A qualitative narrative inquiry design was utilized for this study. A narrative research inquiry design focuses on learning about people’s experiences through individual accounts of stories from their own perspectives, memories, and social interactions (Clandinin & Connelly, 2000). Participant narratives demonstrate that our immigrant students continue to have high educational aspirations despite their legal status and the educational inequities they experience when they enroll in U.S. schools. Their willingness to share their journey and experiences demonstrates that our newcomers' stories are worth retelling, not only to share their culture, memories, and traditions, but as a form of healing, growth, and survival. Their accounts stress the importance of establishing support systems to navigate social networks, lack of connection to a nurturing family and community. Above all, participant narratives indicate the desire and need for newcomers to feel seen and heard, so they have a sense of belonging.



Newcomers, acculturation