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[Missing information from the original subseries inventory abstract note] the collection will also allow one to realize the growth of the RMS from 1972 to 1982. There is a separate area for the letters and memos and another area for the Joint Review Board meetings 1976 - 1982. The weakest point of the RMS documents is the year 1973 which few documents are found. The collection's strong point is the various reports from SPAR, the Canadian designers of the RMS, and the Joint Review Board meetings. The RMS (Remote Manipulator System) is an "arm" that has 6 joints, 3 in the wrist, 2 in the shoulder, and 1 in the elbow, each being controlled by a small motor. The length of the RMS is about 15 meters long and is covered with insulation blankets to guard against the severe cold of space. Consisting of 300 electrical wires, the RMS has the power to lift objects weighing 30,000 kg on Earth. Besides acting as a payload deployment and retrieval system, the RMS has proven itself worthy of other projects in many emergency situation ( See STS 2 , November 12, 1981 ) as a necessary device for the Shuttle flights and future space station missions.



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