An Examination of Non-Resident Students Versus Resident Students in Student Achievement, Student Attendance, and In-School Suspension Placements



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The purpose of this quantitative study was to assess whether participation in an interdistrict program, a form of school choice, has any impact on student achievement, student attendance, and student in-school suspension (ISS) placements. A Multiple Linear Regression ANOVA was conducted with Algebra I and English I scores as the dependent variables. For Algebra I, the independent variables, resident/non-resident, student attendance, in-school suspension placement, and economically disadvantaged, were significant in predicting student scores while ethnicity was not significant. For English I, all the independent variables were significant in predicting student scores. However, given the lower R square values for both the Algebra I and English I Linear Regression ANOVAs, this model should not be used to predict the students Algebra I and English I scores.



school choice: interdistrict: vouchers: charters: magnet schools: