Perceptions of Literacy Interventionists as Literacy Leaders



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This exploratory narrative inquiry investigated the perceptions and experiences of 11 elementary literacy interventionists, focusing on their interactions with students with reading difficulties and support for classroom teachers. The study took place in one large suburban school district in the Texas Gulf Coast that served over 80,000 students from pre-kindergarten through twelfth grade. This inquiry aimed to uncover unique challenges, successes, and insights of literacy interventionists by looking at how they supported students, teachers, and the systems that were in place to support them in their job roles. Analysis of the data collected uncovered six themes that accentuated the intricate landscape of literacy interventionists: school and home collaboration, teacher coaching, administrator support, intervention fidelity and preparation, data informed decision making, and setting the foundation of early literacy skills. Overall, the literacy interventionists’ experiences highlighted the dedication, challenges, and aspirations to improve their students' reading abilities. They called for flexibility, stronger Tier 1 connections, and continued support for literacy intervention programs. The collective experiences of these interventionists offer valuable insights into literacy education and the evolving landscape of their roles within the educational system.



Fidelity, Literacy Coach, Literacy Interventionist, Reading Achievement, Response to Intervention (RTI), Tier 1, Tier 2, Tier 3